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The award winning 4100 series RAM Revolver® is a specially designed spreader for exporting bulk commodities using the containerised bulk handling process.
Proven to be a fast and efficient way of exporting bulk commodities, it also enables existing ports and terminals the ability to export bulk by eliminating stock piles, reducing loss of commodity during the transport process and avoids risk of contamination as the commodity is stored in sealed containers right up until unloading into the ships hold.
The RAM Revolver® can be designed to fit a Ship to Shore Crane, Mobile Harbour Crane, Ships Crane or also a Reach Stacker. Recent projects have also included warehouse hopper loading and warehouse stockpiling, showing that RAM Revolver® is easily adaptable for various types of bulk handling processes.

Containerised Bulk Handling for Mobile Harbour Cranes

Containerised Bulk Handling for Ship Cranes

Containerised Bulk Handling for Reach Stackers

Containerised Bulk Handling for Bridge Cranes
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